Howlin' Wolf - KWEM
KWEM personnel in studio
Howlin' Wolf at KWEM
Howlin' Wolf
Joe Hill Louis
KWEM bass drum
Bob Prather KWEM
Eddie Bond
Inside KWEM Radio
Brenston & Ike Turner - poster
Hippodrome Ad
Victory Four - KWEM
Invoice for Elvis Presley 1954
Johnny Cash - Appearing Live
Johnny Cash had his own KWEM Radio show before being discovered 1955. Elvis appeared
several times on KWEM 1953-1954
Brenston & Ike Turner - on stage
Calvin & Finas postcards
Elvis & Texas Bill Strength
Fred Byerly
Tuff Green, Rocketeers (big band)
Tuff Green, Rocketeers (early combo)
Scotty Moore & Bill Black at KWEM with Starlight Wranglers, band Elvis performed with prior to his SUN Record debut and after. Picture taken at KWEM Radio Station.
James Elmore
Albert King, Ash Grove, early Feb 1968
Albert King, Ash Grove, early Feb 1968
Little Boy Blue
Willie Love
Willie Mitchell & His Combo - playing
Willie Mitchell & His Combo
Sonny Boy Williamson (Hooks)
Sonny Boy Williamson snapshot
Sonny Boy Williamson snapshot with bottle
Sonny Boy Williamson trio (Hooks)
Tommy Tucker and Eddie Bond
Two Harps
Wolf & Newborn, Sr
Willie Nix Auto
KWEM Radio 
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